Navigation will be visible on smartwatch even without smartphone, new update is coming- Google Maps Can use in Smartwatch Without connect Smartphone and Get Navigation

Google is going to make Wear OS, the operating system of its smartwatch, more advanced. Actually, smartwatch users will soon be able to take advantage of Google Maps Navigation even without mobile. For this, the connection of the smartwatch to the mobile is not necessary, although LTE (Long-Term Evolution) support is necessary in the smartwatch. Through LTE, the smartwatch connects directly to the mobile network and can access internet data. Google has shared this information through the Wear OS support page. Read this also- Google is bringing new HD Maps, objects, roads and buildings will be seen more clearly

Google Map Soon users have also been notified by Google that it will provide new support for Google Maps in Smartwatch. After this users will be able to take advantage of turn-by-turn navigation. Right now this feature will support Wear OS 3 and this feature will be made more advanced for Pixel Watch or Galaxy Watch 5 users. Read this also- Amazing feature in Google Maps, you will get accurate information about nearby car charging stations

Samsung Au Pixel will be the first to get this feature

samsung watch lte And Google Pixel LTE smartwatch users can try out the navigation feature by opening Google Maps and entering the name of the destination into the smartwatch. Although this feature will be able to be used now or from when it will be started, its date has not been announced. Read this also- Find out the ‘Air Quality’ of your area on Google Maps, learn the method step-by-step

Google is preparing even more

This announcement of Google has come at a time when the first tech show of this year CES 2023 was being organized. Google Maps recently announced that it is planning to update Android Auto Maps as well, after which users will see HD Maps. Apart from this, two apps can be accessed at the same time on the split screen i.e. car’s infotainment system in Android Auto.

What is LTE

in telecommunication LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution. It works on a 4G wireless standard. It works to increase the network capacity and speed for the users. Smartwatch has the support of e-SIM, which connects with the mobile number, for that there is no need to buy a separate SIM nor does it require a separate plan.




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