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“Dialogue: Bemetara”: variations in citations – Wikipedia

"Discussion: Bemetara": differences in citations - Wikipedia
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Excerpted at 13:46, March 18, 2023

Hary of Bemetara?

The holy land of Maa Bhadrakali is named Bemetara. Mild has unfold on this planet by the grace of Chandi and Siddhi. A good is held in Chetuva Dham, Guru Ghasidas fulfilled the hope. Saja Nawagarh Berla Bhimbhauri, Thankhamharia the place it’s positioned.

Shivnath’s water has been sown in Sugghar, Siwar Ghat. In Berla, Kandarka and Dhaba Khudmudi, Kharoon Nandiyas have set their ft. Chana Jaunhar Hawai, which is known throughout Asia.

Surendra Dubey, Ajit Sharma and Vaibhav lifting the pen. God has woke up the sunshine for Chhattisgarhi language. Listened to Pandavani of all peace, she performed the melody with the veil ॥

Kodu Ram, who’s a pundit, has earned a reputation on this planet. Wherever you are taking the form of artwork in Jammu, persons are interested in it. Au katko habay satkarmi, zen bhuiyan hai hain hai hai.

Wherever you are taking the soldier, you’re the chief of the guard each day. Everybody seems to be at Rinki Pandey’s buta, the poor family has spoiled their information. The place are the holy lands of Maa Bhadrakali, Bemetara?

Vikas Kashyap✍✍ © Copyright Reserved Village Bohardih Tehsil Bhimbhauri District Bemetara (Chhattisgarh) Mo.8839512935 developer ,dialog) 13:46, 18 March 2023 (UTC)Reply[उत्तर दें]


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