Diwali Kab Hai 2022 | when is diwali 2022

Diwali Kab Hai 2022 |  when is diwali 2022

Diwali Kab Hai 2022 | Diwali Date 2022 | When is Diwali 2022: According to the Panchang, the festival of Diwali is celebrated on the new moon day of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Kartik. This time in the year 2022, Diwali will be celebrated on Kartik Amavasya i.e. 24 October i.e. Monday.

The festival of Diwali is a symbol of happiness, prosperity and splendor. Lakshmi ji is specially worshiped on the festival of Diwali. It is believed that by worshiping Lakshmi ji methodically on Diwali, fame and fame remain in life and the lack of money in life goes away.

When is Diwali in 2022?

Nishita Kaal – October 24, 23:39 to 00:31
Leo Ascendant – October 24, 00:39 to 02:56

Lakshmi puja auspicious time without fixed ascendant

Amavasya date start – October 24, 2022 at 06:03 pm
Amavasya date ends – October 24, 2022 at 02:44 pm

Lakshmi Puja Muhurat (akshmi Puja Muhurat):18:54:52 to 20:16:07
total duration: 1 hour 21 minutes
Pradosh Kaal:17:43:11 to 20:16:07
Taurus Period:18:54:52 to 20:50:43

Diwali Shubh Choghadiya Muhurta

Morning Muhurat (auspicious): 06:34:53 to 07:57:17
Morning Muhurat (Chal, Labh, Amrit): from 10:42:06 to 14:49:20
Sandhya Muhurta (Auspicious, Amrit, Walk): from 16:11:45 to 20:49:31
Ratri Muhurta (Benefits): 24:04:53 to 25:42:34. until

method of lakshmi puja

Lakshmi ji is worshiped in the auspicious time of Diwali. According to the scriptures, it is considered auspicious to worship Lakshmi ji in the given Muhurta. On this day, after bathing, wear clean clothes and worship with full devotion. After worship, Lakshmi ji’s aarti and mantras should be chanted. The special importance of donation has also been explained on this day.


A story of Goddess Lakshmi is very popular among Hindus regarding Diwali. Once, on the new moon day of the month of Kartik, Lakshmiji had gone on a tour, but there was darkness all around. When she lost her way, she decided that she would spend the night in Mrityuloka and return to Vaikunthadhama after sunrise. But he found that all the people were sleeping in their houses with the doors closed. But in this darkness, Mata Lakshmi saw a door open. In which the flame of a lamp was flickering. She moved towards the light where she saw an old woman spinning a spinning wheel. Taking permission for the night’s rest, the mother stayed in the same hut. The old mother started working by giving bed etc. to Lakshmi Devi. While spinning the charkha, the eyes of the old woman got caught. When she woke up the next morning, she saw that the guest had gone. But in place of the hut stood a magnificent palace. Money-grains, gems-jewellery were scattered everywhere. Since then the practice of lighting lamps on the night of Kartik Amavasya is going on. People open the door and wait for Lakshmidevi to come.

method for fasting

  • Get up before sunrise on the day of Deepawali and take a bath, wear clean clothes after taking a bath.
  • After cleaning the whole house, clean the temple and light a lamp in the name of Mata Mahalakshmi.
  • Now worship Goddess Mahalakshmi, Lord Ganesha methodically. Do not do any violence.
  • Spend the whole day of Diwali consuming fruits, milk and sattvic substances.
  • You should chant as many names or mantras as possible on the day of Diwali.
  • In the auspicious time of Diwali evening, worship Maa Mahalakshmi, Ganesha and seek their blessings.
  • Offer food to Mahalakshmi and Ganesha and take the food as prasad. Give charity and Dakshina to the needy.

Must keep lamp at these places on Diwali night

Diwali lamps are lit in every corner of the house, but there are some places where lamps must be kept. By lighting a lamp of pure ghee made from cow’s milk in the temple on the night of Diwali, the problem of debt etc. goes away. Also, keeping a lamp near the Tulsi plant on the night of Diwali brings positivity in life. Keeping a lamp under the Peepal tree on the night of Diwali is also considered auspicious.

The negative energy of the house is destroyed

Negative energy is destroyed by lighting lamps in every corner of the house on the night of Diwali. The lamp should be lit after Lakshmi Puja on the night of Diwali. The auspicious time should be kept in mind while lighting the lamp. The lamp should be kept in a clean and safe place.

don’t work on diwali

Some things should be kept in mind on the day of Diwali. Try to avoid all kinds of evil on this day. Lakshmi ji gets angry on doing any kind of wrongdoing on this day. Some people indulge in intoxication and gambling etc. on this day. This work should not be done even by mistake on this day. All these activities increase the influence of Rahu. Rahu is considered a malefic planet in astrology. By doing these works, the effect of Rahu increases. Rahu is also the cause of wrong deeds, intoxication, bad company, stress, discord, unnecessary disputes and deception etc. That’s why don’t let the effect of Rahu increase on this day. Rahu can also cause sudden loss in terms of money on this day.

Keep these things in mind on Diwali

Auspicious work should be done on the day of Diwali. On this day, one should wake up early in the morning and touch the ground with hands. While remembering Lakshmi ji, one should remember the ancestors and take their blessings. On the day of Diwali, the day should be started with some auspicious work. Donations etc. should also be given to the needy people on this day. This pleases Lakshmi ji. Cow should be fed green fodder on this day. Little girls should be given gifts. Peepal and Amla tree should be worshipped. Mother Lakshmi ji is pleased by taking care of these things and taking measures on the day of Diwali.

Must do this auspicious work

archway of mango leaves

On the day of Diwali, people paint their houses to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. and decorated in different ways. But along with all this, a pylon must be installed at the door of your house. On the day of Diwali, it is considered very auspicious to put mango, peepal leaves and marigold on the main door of the house by making a garland of flowers. Mother Lakshmi is pleased with this.

Make Rangoli with flowers and colors

The practice of making Rangoli on the courtyard and doors of the house on the day of Diwali has been going on for a long time. People also make Rangoli in their homes on other festivals. Be it lack of time or modernity, in today’s time people have started applying Rangoli with readymade stickers. But to welcome Goddess Lakshmi, Rangoli should be made with flowers and colors and lamps should be lit. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi comes to you after being pleased with it.

Make sure to install the urn

In Sanatan Dharma, Kalash is definitely kept in worship and auspicious works. Even on the day of Diwali, mango leaves filled with water should be put in an urn and a coconut should also be placed on the mouth of the urn. Molly should be tied on the urn after making a swastika with roli or kumkum. In this way the Kalash should be prepared and kept at the place of worship.

Why is Diwali celebrated? These are the 5 beliefs

Diwali, the festival of lights, is one of the biggest festivals of India. This festival of Diwali signifies the victory of light over darkness. Diwali has great importance in India from both social and religious point of view. It is also known as Deepotsav. This festival which lasts for 5 days is a great festival. The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great pomp not only in the country but also abroad. There are many beliefs behind celebrating Diwali. Today we will tell you about the reason for celebrating Diwali. So let’s know about 5 beliefs related to Diwali (Depawali)…

On the return of Shri Ramchandra ji from exile to Ayodhya

According to the belief of Sanatan Dharma, Shri Ram ji had returned to Ayodhya from exile on the day of Diwali. According to belief, Diwali was celebrated in the joy of returning to Ayodhya. Confused by Manthara’s wrong thoughts, Bharata’s mother Kaikai makes Shri Ram promise to send his father Dasaratha to exile. Maryada Purushottam Rama (Maryada Purushottam Rama) went on exile for 14 years along with his wife Sita along with his brother Lakshman, obeying his father’s order. Shri Ram ji returned to Ayodhya on the day of Diwali after completing his 14 years of exile. In the joy of Ram ji’s return, the people of the whole state had lit lamps in the night and celebrated happiness. From that time Diwali is celebrated.

Back to the kingdom of Pandavas

According to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, in a game of chess, the Kauravas had won everything of the Pandavas with the help of Shakuni Mama’s tricks. Along with this, the Pandavas had to leave the kingdom and go on an exile of 13 years. Pandavas returned from exile of 13 years on this Kartik Amavasya. The people of the state celebrated the return of the Pandavas by lighting lamps.

Killing of Narakasura by Shri Krishna

Narakasura was the king of Pragjyotishpur Nagar (Narakasura Pragjyotishpur) (which is currently in Nepal). With his power, he troubled all the gods like Indra, Varuna, Agni, Vayu etc. Narakasura had taken 16 thousand women of saints etc. as prisoners. When the tyranny of Narakasura increased a lot, the gods and sages reached the shelter of Lord Krishna and pleaded for salvation from him. Lord Krishna assured him of salvation. On the Chaturdashi of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Kartik, Lord Shri Krishna killed Narakasura and freed the deities and saints from the terror of Narakasura. In this happiness, people lit lamps in their homes on the second day i.e. on the new moon day of Kartik month. Since then the festival of Narak Chaturdashi and Diwali is celebrated.

Mother Lakshmi’s incarnation in the universe

Mother Lakshmi ji had incarnated on the new moon day of Kartik month at the time of Samudra Manthan. Lakshmi ji is considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity. That’s why special worship of Lakshmi ji is done on this day. This is also a special reason for celebrating Diwali.

Coronation of King Vikramaditya

King Vikramaditya was a great emperor in ancient India. Vikramaditya was the last Hindu king who defeated the Mughals. He was a very ideal and generous king. He is always remembered for his courage and patronage of scholars. His coronation took place on the new moon day of this Kartik month.

Diwali Remedy

Diwali is considered the best day to get the blessings of Lakshmi ji. Mother Lakshmi ji is pleased by taking special measures on this day.

The festival of Diwali is celebrated on the new moon day of Kartik month. Special worship of Lakshmi ji is done on this day. Lakshmi is that form of Adi Shakti, which gives material happiness to the world, that is, the presiding deity of wealth, wealth, wealth, gems and metals is called Lakshmi. Seeing the wide influence of this goddess, it has been said that lakhs of qualities reside with Lakshmi. Mother Lakshmi ji is pleased by doing these measures on Diwali, what are these measures, let’s know-

Put saffron, turmeric, betel nut, a coin, a piece of copper or a coin, rice in a new yellow cloth and make a pot. Keep this potli in front of Lord Shiva, worship it with incense lamp, then keep it anywhere in the vault. Mother Lakshmi is pleased with this and removes financial problems.

Wrapping a coconut in a bright red cloth and keeping it at home increases wealth. Keeping it at the place of business increases business.

After 10 o’clock in the night, after retiring from all the work, sit on the yellow seat facing the north direction. Light nine mustard oil lamps in front of you. Make a heap of red rice in front of the lamp. Place Shree Yantra on it. Worship them with kumkum, flowers, incense, lamp as well and after that make a swastika in front of the plate and worship them.

Keep an empty urn on the chowki at night, make a swastika symbol with pure saffron and fill it with water. After this, place a small plate full of rice on top of the Kalash. Install Sriyantra over the rice, then light a four faced lamp in front of the Kalash, worship with kumkum, rice and pray for the attainment of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.

The person who takes bath regularly, wears clean clothes, eats fast, offers flowers to the deities without smelling them, Lakshmi resides in his house.

Make a swastika by grinding turmeric rice at the entrance of the house. By this one will get freedom from obstacles and will attain Lakshmi.

To get rid of money crisis, worship any goddess form and offer cloves to the idol of that goddess daily at the time of worship. This will improve your financial condition.

It is more profitable for the shopkeeper. When you open the shop in the morning, before starting work, if the picture of Lakshmi ji is worshiped by showing incense lamp, then the number of customers increases a lot.

The house where Shri Sukta is recited daily. Lakshmi resides in that house.

Worship the Shree Yantra by keeping it at the place of worship and then tie it in a red cloth and install it where money is kept, then there is continuous economic progress.


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