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Telenor sim will start again in the new year! Will get free life time recharge? Rashifal Today

Telenor sim will start again in the new year!  Will get free life time recharge?  Rashifal Today

Day by day the number of mobile and internet users is increasing continuously across the country. In the past, there have been many telecom companies in India. Who have recently stopped their services in India. Among these the company has been Telenor. Telenor had built a lot of trust among people as soon as it was launched in India due to its cheap plans and good service. Due to which Telenor had become a lot of consumers in a short time. But due to various problems, the company had to close its business in India and merge its services with Airtel.

Telenor has attracted customers since its inception with its attractive offers and cheap call rates. Due to which Telenor had made a good dominance in the telecom sector in no time. However, due to various reasons, the company completely stopped its services in India on 22 May 2018. After this, he announced on Twitter that all Telenor customers will now be able to use Airtel with the help of the same SIM.

After this all the services of Telenor were converted by Airtel. That is, after May 22, 2018, all the services of Telenor were stopped in India and that Telenor company had become Airtel.

Where is Telenor operating?

Pakistan and many other countries where Telenor is still providing its services. But, if we talk about India, Telenor is not running in India and it is completely merged with Airtel.

But many types of fake news related to cheap sim-mobile recharge of Telenor are getting viral on social media. It is being claimed that Telenor will be back in India and Telenor is coming back with very cheap recharge plans.

But no information has been given by the company. Telenor India has clearly written on Twitter on May 22, 2018 that Telenor’s services have been converted to Airtel i.e. now Telenor customers will be able to use Airtel network which will be active from their old number and old SIM only. After this, the information of any official has not been given by the company neither in the website, Twitter nor in the media reports. In such a situation, the information related to Telenor running on social media proves to be completely and basic.


Harshit Jaiswal

Harshit Jaiswal

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