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Artwork and Tradition of Rajasthan 2000+ Questions and Solutions


Artwork and Tradition of Rajasthan 2000+ Goal Questions and Solutions

Topic – Artwork and Tradition of Rajasthan

Query 1 The fort of Sonar is located in-

(A) Jaisalmer (B) Jodhpur

(c) Barmer (d) Kota

Reply (a)

Query 2: Which Bhati ruler obtained the Sonar fort constructed?

(A) Rao Jaisal (B) Rao Duda

(c) Rao Bika (d) Rao Kumbha

Reply (b)

Query 3 Jaisalmer fort is known for-

(a) for 2 and a half sake

(b) for 2 sakes

(c) for a sake

(d) none of those

Reply (a)

Query 4 Alauddin Khilji attacked Ranthambore fort-

(a) 1301 (b) 1305

(c) 1303 (d) 1310

Reply (a)

Query 5: The fort of Kumbhalgarh is located in-

(A) Udaipur (B) Jaipur

(c) Rajsamand (d) Dosa

Reply is (c)

Query 6: The fort of Gagron is located in-

(a) Ajmer. (b) Bhilwara

(c) Jhalawar (d) Bundi

Reply is (c)

Query 7: The fort of Akbar is located in-

(A) Jodhpur (B) Jaipur

(c) Ajmer (d) Bikaner

Reply is (c)

Query 8 When did Akbar get the fort of Ajmer constructed?

(a) 1570 (b) 1571

(c) 1559 (d) 1576

Reply (a)

Query 9 By which fort was the Haldighati conflict of 1576 finalized?

(a) Ajmer Fort

(b) Chittorgarh Fort

(c) Kumbhalgarh Fort

(d) Gagron Fort

Reply (a)

Query 10: Which fort is named Garh Bithli?

(a) Ajmer Fort

(b) Taragarh fort

(c) Fort of Sonar

(d) Dargah of Meete Sahib

Reply (b)

Query 11: The fort of Nahargarh was constructed by-

(Ajay Singh

(b) Uday Singh

(c) Vikramaditya

(d) Prithviraj Raso

Reply (a)

Query 12: Which fort was constructed by the Jat king Suraj Mal?

(a) Lohagarh fort

(b) Taragarh Fort

(c) Bikaner Fort

(d) Gadbithali fort

Reply (a)

Query 13: Shergarh fort is situated in-

(a) Kota

(b) Bundi

(c) Jhalawar

(d) Barra

Reply (d)

Query 14 Bhatner fort (Hanumangarh) is located on the financial institution of which river?

(a) Banas

(b) Chambal

(c) Luni

(d) Ghaggar

Reply (d)

Query.15. Who first gave the nomenclature of Rajasthani as a language group-

One. R S. c company
B. Dr. Motilal Menaria
SS Shri Okay.S. M Munshi
The. george greyson

Reply (d)

Query.16. Who is taken into account the inventor of Mudian alphabet?

a. Ale. P. tessitori
B. Gopal Lahori
S. Todermal
The. muhnaut nainasi

Reply is (c)

Query.17. Which language is spoken within the largest space of ​​Rajasthan?

a. Mewadi
B. Malvi
S. Hadauti
The. Marwari

Reply (d)

Query.18. Rajasthan’s type “Dingle” has been developed from-

One. civil disobedience
B. Shauraseni Apabhramsa
SS Gurjari dialect
The. saurashtri fault

Reply is (c)

Query.19. Who has known as Dingle as Rajasthani language within the function of Rajrupak?

a. Dr. Sumit Kumar Chatterjee
B. Udayraj Ujjwal
S. Fifth word of musical scale. Ramkaran Asopa
The. Narottam Joshi

Reply is (c)

Query.20. Which Rajput ruler composed “Neh Tarang”-

a. Maharaja Raisingh
B. Raja Sawant Singh
SS Rao Buddha Singh
The. Maharaja Jaswant Singh

Reply is (c)

Query.21. Somdev, the writer of ‘Lalit-Vigraharaj’ was within the court docket of which ruler?

a. Prithviraj I
B. Arnoraj
S. Vigraharaj IV
The. Someshwar

Reply is (c)

Query.22. Who is taken into account to be the pioneer poet of the brand new awakening of recent Rajasthani poetry?

a. Poet Shyamaldas
B. Suryamal Combination
S. Kanhaiyalal Sethia
The. muhnaut nainasi

Reply (b)

Query.23. Essentially the most spoken language in Rajasthan on the premise of inhabitants is-

a. Shekhawati
B. Mewati
S. backyard
The. seeker

Reply (d)

Query.24. When is Rajasthani Language Day celebrated?

a. February 12
B. February 18
S. February 21
The. February 15

Reply is (c)

Query.25. Duha of Dhola Maru is the literary textual content of-

a. Suraj Prakash
B. Nayanchandra Suri
S. Kavi Kallol
The. Bankidas

Reply is (c)

Query.26. Which is the oldest Vachanika of Rajasthan?

a. Achaldas drew the speech
B. Rao Ratan Mahesh Dasot Ri Vachanika
SS Shivdas Charan’s phrases
The. Rathore Ratna Singh Ji Ri Vacanika

Reply (a)

Query.27. Who is known as Abul Fazl of Rajputana?

a. Bankidas
B. dayaldas
S. Shivdas Backyard
The. muhnaut nainasi

Reply (d)

Query.28. Who is known as “Harrows of Dingle”?

One. Narpati Nalh
B. Kalhan
S. dursaji half
The. Prithviraj Rathore

Reply (d)

Query.29. Who is known as the Gazetteer of Rajasthan?

a. veli kisan rukmani ri
B. Achaldas drew the speech
S. Vatan Ri Phulwari
The. Previous of Parganas of Marwar

Reply (d)

Query.30. Who composed the texts of Raag Manjari and Raag Mala?

a. pundarik vithal
B. Udhotam Suri
S. epic poetry
The. Sharangdhar

Reply (a)

Query.31. Which is taken into account to be the oldest textual content of Rajasthani language?

a. bharteshwar bahubalighor
B. Administration Chintamani
SS Hammir epic
The. Kanhadde Administration

Reply (a)

Query.32. Which is the primary novel of Rajasthani language-

a. hammer stubbornness
B. administration fund
SS Bihari Satsai
The. Kanak Sundar

Reply (d)

Query.33. Which is the primary drama of Rajasthani language-

One. leisure journey
B. Badli
S. Kanak Sundar
The. Kesar Vilas

Reply (d)

Query.34. Which is the primary story of Rajasthani language-

a. Raj Vallabh
B. Amarsar
S. leisure keep
The. Kesar Vilas

Reply is (c)

Query 35. Which of the next shouldn’t be a follow within the Garasia tribe?
(a) Morbandhia
(b) gown
(c) pull
(d) Dam
Reply – (The)

Query 36. After Meena and Bhil, the third largest tribe in Rajasthan is
(a) Sansi
(b) Gracia
(c) Damor
(d) Sahariya
Reply – (B)

Query 37. Meena tribe is especially divided into what number of lessons?
(A) 2
(c) 4
(c) 5
(d) 6
Reply – (a)

Query 38. Which of the next tribes is such that they don’t stay by constructing homes?
(a) Damor
(b) Sahariya
(c) Sansi
(d) cart blacksmith
Reply – (The)

Query 39. What are the homes of the folks of Bhil tribe known as?
(a) Pal
(b) unfold
(c) Basti
(d) Ku
Reply – (The)

Query 40 By which district is the utmost variety of Saharia tribe in Rajasthan?
(a) twelve
(b) Pali
(c) Sirohi
(d) quota
Reply – (a)

Query 41 Which is the tribe of Rajasthan whose folks select their life associate in gala’s?
(a) Bhil
(b) Meena
(c) Garcia
(d) Sahariya
Reply – (The)

Query 42 What’s the head of Saharia tribe known as?
(a) sergeant
(V) Pukhia
(c) save
(d) Kotwal
Reply – (The)

Query 43: Below which Hindu caste do Jat Gujar, Mali, Kalpi and many others. castes come?
(a) Vaishya
(b) Brahmin
(c) Tenant
(d) not one of the above
Reply – (C)

Query 44. Which caste helped Rao Bika, the founding father of Bikaner, to ascertain the dominion?
(a) Ahir
(b) Gurjar
(c) Gardener
(d) Jat
Reply – (The)

Artwork and Tradition of Rajasthan 2000+ Goal Questions and Solutions

Topic – Artwork and Tradition of Rajasthan

Variety of Questions – 2000+

Web page Quantity – 70

Format – PDF

PDF Dimension – 23MB


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