“Historical past of the Boatmen”: the distinction between the passages

Posted on March 18, 2023 at 09:31

Dr. B. Kashyap, a descendant of Nishad Shiromani Nishadraj Guhya and Rita Nishad, Kulvadhu of Nishadraj Guhya, has instructed by means of the out there family tree that “Kevat” was a follower of Shringverpur Maharaj Nishadraj Guhya, the childhood good friend of Lord Rama in Tretayuga. The one who made Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman cross the Ganges by sitting in his boat in the course of the forest journey. “This context is contained within the Ayodhya scandal of the Ramayana”

Kevat belonged to “Harivansh Keer Samaj”. “Kevat” was an unique devotee of Shri Ramchandra.


Based on mythological legend, to start with of creation, when the entire world was submerged, then “Kevat” was born within the womb of a turtle. Even in that vagina, he had deep attachment in the direction of God. In your salvation, he tried unsuccessfully to the touch Lord Shri Hari Vishnu’s thumb whereas sleeping on 5 remaining beds, as a result of at the moment he couldn’t contact his toes as a result of barking of Sheshnag, then Lord Vishnu mentioned to him That he would get this chance in Tretayuga, then after taking many births for multiple period, he did penance to God and at last in Tretayuga he was born as “Kevat” to Lord Vishnu, who incarnated as Shri Ram. Then “Kevat” served God by washing his toes and after attaining salvation, Sakutumb reached Baikunth Dham.

Non secular and mythological significance of Shringverpur

Dr. B.Ok. Kashyap, the unique descendant of Nishad Shiromani Nishadraj Guhya, and Rita Nishad, the overall bride of the identical dynasty, inform on the premise of the proof acquired from their descendants that, in that period, the significance of Shringverpur was a minimum of a pilgrimage.

Based on mythological beliefs, Shringverpur is similar place the place Lord Shri Ram crossed the river Ganges on his option to exile with Sita and Lakshman, Shringverpur is without doubt one of the main sightseeing locations round Prayagraj. Shringverpur is talked about because the capital of the well-known kingdom of Nishad Shiromani Nishadraj Guhya or ‘King of fishermen’. Proof has been discovered of Lord Shri Ram, spouse Sita and Anuj Laxman coming to Shringverpur in Ramayana. Archaeological excavations in Shringverpur have revealed the temple of Shringi Rishi, it’s extensively believed that the village bought its identify from that sage, Kshatriyas of varied lineages who lived there in the course of the late Mughal interval. To face the anarchic forces, the Singraur group was shaped, the identify of the then Singraur group was named after the Kshatriya of the identical Singraur group.

Shringverpur Temple

Lord Rama, Anuj Lakshmana and Bharya Sita, stayed an evening in Shringverpur earlier than leaving for exile, it’s mentioned that the boatmen refused to take them throughout the river Ganga, then Nishad Shiromani Nishadraj Guhya himself inspected the place the place Lord Ram was engaged in fixing this difficulty. He requested Lord Shri Ram that, if Lord Shri Ram would permit him to clean his toes solely then he would take Lord Shri Ram throughout the river, Shri Ram permitted and additionally it is talked about that Nishadraj washed the toes of Lord Shri Ram with Ganga water and his To point out his reverence, he additionally provided water, the place the place Nishadraj washed the toes of Rama, has been marked by a platform and has been named Ramchaura. A small temple has additionally been constructed at this place the place there’s all the time a crowd of devotees.







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