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If you have this old note of 1 rupee, then sell it here and earn lakhs of rupees.


Sell ​​1rs Old Notes: If you enjoy collecting old bank notes and coins and want to earn money easily sitting at home, then you can convert your hobby into a source of income because today there are many such businesses in our country. There is an official portal which is providing lakhs of rupees in exchange of old and historical coins and notes.

If you have also made a piggy bank after collecting old coins and notes and there is an old ₹ 1 note in that piggy bank which is not in circulation at the moment, then you are very lucky because you can easily exchange this note. Can earn an amount of lakhs of rupees. Recently, the price of ₹ 1 note, launched in 1975, is skyrocketing. If you also have this note, then sell this note as soon as possible through the process provided in our article and exchange it. Receive crores of rupees sitting at home.

sell 1rs old notes

Collecting unique notes and historical currencies is a hobby for many candidates, if you also have this hobby and you have made a piggy bank by collecting old and historical currencies in your childhood and you have an old ₹ 1 note in that piggy bank. Which is not in vogue in today’s time, then you are very lucky because you can easily get the amount of lakhs of rupees through this note.

Let us tell you for all the candidates that the note of ₹ 1 run in the year 1975 is not in circulation in today’s time but its price is skyrocketing recently. There are many amateur candidates who are providing lakhs of rupees instead of this note There is also an old ₹ 1 note lying in your collection box on which a unique number is recorded, then through this note you can get an amount of up to ₹ 500000 sitting at home.

What should be the specialty of the old ₹ 1 note?

According to information received by media reports, the price of old ₹ 1 note has been auctioned on the online platform only last week, if you have old ₹ 1 note lying in your collection box, which matches some eligibility criteria. So all of you can also earn a good amount of money sitting at home instead of this note.

For all the candidates, if you have old ₹ 1 note which was launched in 1975, as well as the signature of Governor HM Patel and serial number 123456 is recorded on this note, then you are very lucky because you can get this note. You can earn lakhs of rupees by selling the complete process of which has been provided in this article.

₹1 bundle price

Despite this note not being used by the Government of India, its price is skyrocketing. There are many such online platforms in our country and abroad who are fond of collecting old and unique notes and provide lakhs of rupees in exchange for these notes. Still working.

Along with this, information has been received through media reports that if you have a bundle of ₹ 1, then with the help of this bundle you can earn lakhs of rupees. The price of Rs 1 bundle on Coinbazaar website is Rs 49,999 so if you also have Rs 1 bundle then sell this bundle on online platform as soon as possible and get lakhs of rupees.

How much amount will be given in exchange for the old ₹1 note?

The price of old and antique notes is provided on the basis of its historicity, the more old and unique note you have, the more amount you will be provided in return, similarly if your hobby is to collect old and unique notes And in your collection book Riya wallet, there is an old ₹ 1 note lying which was prevalent in the year 1975.

So through this note you can easily get up to ₹ 500000 sitting at home. Yes, you heard it right, you can easily get up to ₹ 500000 by selling old ₹ 1 note through the process provided in this article.

How to sell old 1 rupee notes on eBay?

  • To sell ₹ 1 note, first you have to go to the official website
  • After visiting the official website, all the candidates have to complete the registration work with the help of the link provided on the home page.
  • All of you candidates login to the official website with the help of ID and Password during registration.
  • After logging in, all the candidates have to do is create an account as a vendor to sell ₹1 notes.
  • After preparing the food, all the candidates have to click a clear picture of ₹ 1 note.
  • After doing this for a clear picture of both sides, upload it in the account created.
  • In this way the interested candidates of this note will himself contact you and provide you with its price.

Where to sell old ₹ 1 note?

All of you can visit official website to sell old historical and unique notes.

How much can be earned through old ₹ 1 note?

Through this note, all of you can earn up to ₹ 500000 sitting at home.


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