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“Rao Jetmal ji Rathod”: distinction in citations

"Rao Jetmal ji Rathod": difference in citations

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== Reference ==

== Reference ==

Raddhara’s jamalot Historic and cultural of Rathores Historical pasturl=

jamalot url=



Quoted 09:49, March 18, 2023

Marwang Son of Naresh Rao Salkha and youthful brother of Rawal Mallinath Rao Jaitmal Rathore Garh Siwana’s first Rathor was the ruler who fought with the Turks and chased them away and hoisted the flag of Jaitamalot Rathores on Garh Siwana. Hapaji, the eldest son of Rao Jaitmal Rathore, sat on the throne of Garh Siwana.

There are a lot of Jetmalot Rathores in Jodhpur, Barmer, Nagaur, Rajsamand, Udaipur, Pali and Jalore.

Rao Jetmal Sure Rathore , Rao Salkha ji’s son and Rao Teeda He was the grandson of Mr. they’ve Raddhara After defeating Ok Parmar Akha and Nanda, sing 48 However took his proper.

after them their descendants Jetmal Rathod And jaitmalot Known as

He was succeeded by his nephew Jagmal. Rao Jetmal ji already knew. That is why earlier than dying he informed his sons to not take their enmity. After this, his son Hapo Ji turned the ruler of Siwana.

The technology order of Jaitamalot (Jaitmal) Rathore is as follows –

Rao Jetmal ji – Rao Salkha ji – Rao Tida ji – Rao Chada ji – Rao Jalan ji – Rao Kanpal ji – Rao Raipal ji – Rao Duhang G-Rao Asthan G- Rao Siha ji ,


Jaitmal (Jaimalot) Rathore [1]

  1. “Historic and cultural historical past of Jaitmalot Rathores of Raddhara”,


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