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"Swami Satgurusevananda": The Distinction Between The Verses » @harshitj183's Blog
"Swami Satgurusevananda": the difference between the verses

“Swami Satgurusevananda”: the distinction between the verses

Posted on Could 25, 2023 at 05:53

Influenced by the idea of neo-sannyas and initiated by Sri Sri 1008Shri Paramhans Swami Sadguru Bholanand Ji Maharaj, Sri Sri 108, a blessed disciple of Shri Swami Dharmatma Nand Ji, Swami Satgurusevanand Prabodhini Ekadashi within the 12 months 1982, on the age of 13, was initiated by Sadguru Bholanand Ji Maharaj.

Shri Swami Bholanand Ji Maharaj was an intimate saint. He used to share part of his supersensuous energy with the devotees to awaken the loyalty of the disciples, regardless of realizing that the efficiency of achievements is prohibited in Kaliyuga.

Maharaj ji, who all the time spoke typical Banarasi, used to say, “Bachchu! I’ve not worshiped any Siddhi, inform my Sanyasi (swans) household.”

Earlier than Mahasamadhi (26 February 1986) Bholanand ji mentioned, “Maintain coming to the cottage (ashram) in my absence. I’m the righteous Jilajeet, he’ll present you the best way.

From then until at this time Paramhans Swami Sadguru Dharmatma Nand Ji is the information and Satguru of Swami Satgurusevanand.

Swami Satgurusevanand is the current Treasurer of “Satguru Seva Samiti” Devkali, Chandauli.

“Satguru Seva Samiti Devkali” is a self-help group shaped for the propagation of Santmat.

The motto of the group is “Servants stay in service, save day and evening”.







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