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Heart attack will not come if you keep a cat! The relationship between man and cat is 9500 years old – Rashifal Today

Heart attack will not come if you keep a cat!  The relationship between man and cat is 9500 years old – Rashifal Today

Cat Owners Have Lower Heart Attack Risk: Pets are helpful in improving our health. Cat and dog have thousands of years old connection with humans. So far, the benefits of keeping a cat have come to the fore in many studies.

Why Do Humans Love Cats: The tradition of raising cats has been going on for centuries in many countries of the world. About 85 million people in America are keeping cats in their homes. Many people love cats very much and keep them like children. Such people are often called cat lovers. Do you know that raising a cat has a profound effect on human health. Till now it has been revealed in many studies that the risk of heart attack is less in comparison to other people. Cats also play an important role in improving mental health, today we will tell you some shocking things related to it.

Human and cat connection is thousands of years old
According to the report of Medical News Today, the connection between humans and cats is more than 9500 years old. The earliest evidence of a mutual connection between humans and cats was found 5300 years ago in an agricultural village in the Quanhucun province of China. The Egyptians considered the cat a symbol of divine energy. According to Dr. Eva Maria Giggle, director of the French National Center for Scientific Research in Paris, cats were first domesticated by people so that they could eat rats roaming around their grain. Gradually the cats adapted to the environment around humans and the connection between the two deepened.

Does cat owner reduce the risk of heart attack?
In the year 2008, the International Stroke Conference of the American Stroke Association was organized. A research was presented in this, in which the researchers told that the risk of heart attack for people who keep cats is reduced by about 33% as compared to other people. The stress and anxiety levels of people who keep cats also reduced, due to which a positive effect was seen on their mental health. This study was done for about 10 years and included more than 4000 American people.

Cat is more beneficial than dog for health
It was also revealed in this research that the stress level and blood pressure of people who keep cats is less than that of dogs. The heart rate of such people was also seen much better. The reason for this was told that dogs need the attention of the owners, while cats can take care of themselves. People get a lot of relief from this and they feel better. This is the reason why a large number of people in America and Europe prefer to keep cats instead of dogs.


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