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what is ftp in hindi, what is ftp in hindi, full form of ftp in hindi

what is ftp in hindi, what is ftp in hindi, full form of ftp in hindi

What is FTP in Hindi | What is FTP in Hindi: In today’s article, we will tell you what is FTP protocol, how FTP protocol works, types of FTP protocol, advantages of FTP, disadvantages of FTP protocol, FTP command and difference between FTP and HTTP protocol. The ones are.

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So let’s start this article without taking much of your time and know what is FTP protocol in Hindi.

What is FTP? (What is FTP in Hindi)

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a client-server network protocol that allows files to be transferred between computers over a TCP/IP connection. FTP is considered an application layer protocol under TCP/IP. In exchanging files through the FTP protocol, the end user’s computer is called the local host and the other computer is the remote server.

Clients can upload, download, rename, delete, move, copy, etc. files on the server via the FTP protocol. For this, the client has to log in to the FTP server.

After logging in to the FTP server, the client can simultaneously access local files on its hosting server and computer. When a web developer builds a website, he can simply upload files to the server through the FTP protocol. FTP protocols generally use port number 21 for communication with the client.

A software is required to use an FTP server. FileZilla is a popular software for FTP servers used by web developers all over the world. Apart from this, there are many software available through which the client can access the FTP server.

examples of ftp clients

As we mentioned above, accessing an FTP server requires some special software, also known as an FTP client. The following are examples of some of the major FTP software that are most commonly used.

  • FileZilla
  • cyberduck
  • fireftp
  • WinSCP

ftp full form | ftp full form

The full name of FTP is File Transfer Protocol, which is also known as File Transfer Protocol in Hindi.

history of ftp

The first specification of FTP was published as RFC114 on April 16, 1971, and was developed by Abhay Bhushan, a student at MTI University (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). The main purpose of developing FTP was to securely transfer files via NCP (Network Control Program) over the ARPANET network, the progenitor of the Internet.

As the Internet became popular and spread around the world, FTP replaced NCP with TCP/IP, and FTP was updated as well.

In 1980, John Postel, a research scientist at the Institute for Information Sciences at the University of Southern California, developed a new version of FTP in the form of RFC765. About 5 years later, a new version of FTP was published as RFC 959. It also developed a number of capabilities over FTP, including the ability to create and remove file directories.

Another new version of FTP was published in 1997 as RFC 2228, and two years later, FTP was published as RFC 2428 to support the IPv6 protocol.

How FTP Protocol Works

The working mode of FTP is very simple, as you must have understood by now that FTP is a client-server protocol that helps in establishing communication between the client and the server.

When a user sends a request to a hosting server through an FTP client or FTP software, the server communicates all of its data to the user in the form of a directory, but this requires the FTP software to be connected to the user’s hosting. User needs username and password in FTP server.

When the user wants to download or upload a file, the client communicates with the server via FTP protocol and the user can make changes to the files. Through FTP the client can upload, download, delete, rename, transfer and copy files on the server. FTP listens to clients on port 21.

Protocol Types | Protocol Types

There are many types of FTP protocols, some of the major types of FTP protocols are as follows –

1 – Anonymous FTP

Using this type of FTP, the user can transfer data without username and password. It is the most basic form of FTP protocol.

2 – Password Protected FTP

To use this type of FTP, the user needs a username and password. It is also one of the most basic FTP.

3 – Secure File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol Secure, better known as FTPS, is much older than FTP. In this type of FTP, all the data is encrypted or secured. Hackers cannot hack them easily.

4 – SSH File Transfer Protocol

This type of FTP is called SFTP. Secure cells are used for secure connections in SFTP. SSH key is also used along with user ID, password for authentication in SFTP.

ftp access

  • The main use of FTP is to transfer files from one system to another.
  • FTP is also used for data backup on the server.
  • Data can be loaded on the server with the help of FTP.

Benefits of FTP

Following are some of the major advantages of File Transfer Protocol –

  • Through FTP, clients can transfer files to multiple directories at once.
  • Files can be transferred at high speed through FTP.
  • FTP has the facility of autobackup which is very useful for the user.
  • Through FTP, the client can easily access files from the server.

ftp Of Damage

There are also some disadvantages of FTP protocol like –

  • Not all FTP is encrypted or secure.
  • FTP is not able to protect all your data if you choose the wrong vendor, allowing hackers to brute
  • Through Force Attacks, you can find out your password by creating thousands of passwords.

Difference Between FTP and HTTP

Following are the major differences between FTP and HTTP protocols –

The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol. The full form of HTTP is Hypertext Transfer Protocol.

Using FTP, you can transfer or copy a file from the server to the client’s system. Data (text, image, audio, video, etc.) from an HTTP server is displayed to the user through a browser.

FTP is a good option for transferring large files. HTTP is a good choice for transferring small files.

Binary code is used for file transfer in FTP. MIME format is used to transfer files in HTTP.

ftp command

Following are some commands of File Transfer Protocol –

the user – Passing the user’s identity to the server.
pass – To send the user’s password to the server.
Opening – to open the address.
get , Fetching files from MOT server.
send – sending a single file.
Put – send a file
close – Disconnecting FTP.
Relieve – Completely disconnecting the remote server and terminating FTP.

How FTP is used and which software is used

command-line ftp: All operating systems have some built-in commands for FTP, using which you can connect to FTP sites.

Web Browser FTP: You can also use a web browser to connect to FTP by typing ftp:// in the address bar instead of http:// and also typing the username and password in the URL. The address on the browser will be something like -ftp://username:[email protected],

Graphical FTP Client: You can also use graphical FTP client which is a type of application and whose interface is very user friendly and easy to use. If you are using WIndows/Mac/Linux OS then you can download FileZila Software’s application for free from internet.

What is FTPS?

The full form of FTPS is “File Transfer Protocol – Secure” or “File Transfer Protocol – SSL”. As we mentioned, FTP is a very old protocol which is running since 1971 and data encryption was not used at that time, so it is clear that data is not secure in FTP and this is its biggest weakness.

To overcome this weakness of FTP, FTPS i.e. File Transfer Protocol Secured was created which works like FTP but all the data is encrypted in it which cannot be easily hacked and read. Nowadays mostly FTPS is used.

What is SFTP?

The full form of SFTP is “SSH File Transfer Protocol”. The difference between FTPS and SFTP is that SSH i.e. Secure Shell is used for secure connection in SFTP whereas FTP protocol is used in FTPS.

SFTP is a type of binary protocol in which all commands are converted to binary and sent to the server in the form of packets, making file transfers more secure and faster.

In FTP user id, password and certificate are used for authentication while in SFTP connection apart from user id, password, SSH keys can also be used for authentication.


What is File Transfer Protocol?
File Transfer Protocol is a network protocol that allows client to server file access. FTP protocol is mainly used to transfer files between two computers.

What is the full form of FTP?
The full form of FTP is File Transfer Protocol.

On which port does FTP work?
FTP uses two ports, port number 21 for the command port and port number 20 for the data post.

Who invented FTP protocol?
The FTP protocol was invented by Abhay Bhushan in 1971.


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