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Warning! If Youngsters Are Seated On Two Wheeler, Heavy Challan Should Be Paid, Should Learn This Rule » @harshitj183's Blog
Two Wheeler

Warning! If youngsters are seated on Two Wheeler, heavy challan should be paid, should learn this rule

Crime first challan or fantastic now challan or fantastic Common (177) 100 rupees Rs 500 Violation of Pink Regulation Rule (177A) 100 rupees Rs 500 Disobedience of order of authority (179) Rs 500 Rs 2000 Unauthorized driving with out license (180) Rs 1000 Rs 5000 Driving Regardless of Disqualification (182) Rs 500 Rs 10000 driving and not using a license (181) Rs 500 Rs 5000 Over Dimension Automobile (182B) Rs 5000 Over Rushing (183) Rs 400 1000 rupees Harmful Driving(184) 1000 rupees Rs 5000 Drunk Driving (185) Rs 2000 Rs 10000 Racing & Driving (189) Rs 500 Rs 5000 overloading (194) 2 thousand rupees and 10000 rupees per tonne additional 20 thousand rupees and a couple of thousand rupees per ton Seat Belt (194B) 100 rupees 1000 rupees Driving with out allow (192A) as much as 5 thousand rupees as much as 10 thousand rupees Violation of license situation (193) Simply nothing Rs 25 thousand to Rs 1 lakh Overloading of Passenger (194A) Simply nothing Rs 1000 per passenger overloading on two wheeler 100 rupees Rs 2,000 and license canceled for 3 months not sporting a helmet 100 rupees 1000 rupees and suspension of license for 3 months Failure to present strategy to emergency automobile (194E) Simply nothing Rs 10000 Driving with out insurance coverage (196) 1000 rupees Rs 2000 Energy of Officers to impound paperwork (206) Simply nothing Driving license shall be canceled below 183,184,185,189,190,194c,194D 194E Offenses dedicated by implementing officers (210B) Simply nothing Penalty twice below related part



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