Small Business Ideas- Earning 50,000 a month from 50,000 machines, without selling the product

Small Business Ideas- Earning 50,000 a month from 50,000 machines, without selling the product

Small Business Ideas Earning 50000 a month from 50000 machines

If you want to start a low investment business but you do not have sales skills. If you can operate a machine but cannot make and sell a product, then it does not matter. This unique startup idea is for you.

People’s problem which is their business opportunity

Every city has some places reserved for street food. That’s where all the CART people come and that’s where the customers too. There comes a time during the day when the street food vendors have a huge rush of customers and their full capacity is reduced. In such a situation the customers return. go to someone else. The shopkeeper suffers loss. This is your business opportunity. We will save his loss. Will provide him enough time to cook his food.

GET chopping machine, neither buy raw material nor sell product, just earn money

Chopping is most important in street food work. Vegetables have to be cut quickly. Most of the time of every shopkeeper goes in this. He knows about the chopping machine but cannot buy it because the machine is expensive according to his budget. All types of chopping and packing machines can be bought in the market for ₹ 50000. You have to buy all the machines that are useful for making the street food that is popular in your own city.

We have to install our machines behind the market shopkeepers of street food. It is just like a spice mill. The shopkeepers will come and get the chopping done and take it away. In return, you will get a service charge. If you want, you can also hire a delivery boy.

These machines can be given on fixed rent for marriage parties and big events. The commission of the cook, confectioner, cook or chef is to be fixed. He himself will do the work of getting the order and payment from the client.

By the way, wheat roti making machine, dosa making machine, flavored tea machine and all the new machines that have come up can be given on rent for weddings, parties and events.






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