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DOWNLOAD IRAD APP HERE Integrated Road Accident Database Project » @harshitj183's Blog
DOWNLOAD iRAD APP HERE Integrated Road Accident Database Project

DOWNLOAD iRAD APP HERE Integrated Road Accident Database Project

DOWNLOAD iRAD APP HERE Integrated Road Accident Database Project

Government of India has launched IRAD mobile application to create a database of all road accidents occurring across the country. All police personnel will have to download this mobile application and submit all types of accident information in the mobile app.

ASP Sarvesh Kumar Mishra told where and for what reason the accident happened. Policemen will upload this information on the Integrated Road Accident Database Project (IRAD) app. After this, complete information regarding accidents will be available through the app with just one click. The details of minor road accidents will also be uploaded by the policemen on the app. In the app, the police will upload details of about 29 points related to road accidents.

integrated road accident database App will work like this

The ASP told that the policemen will download the app from the Google Play Store on their mobiles. On downloading, there will be four forms for filling different information, in which the number of the damaged vehicle, manufacturer company, distance from the spot to the police station, what kind of injury the injured received, in how much time was taken to the hospital, in what time the first aid was received, What is the condition of the road at the spot, history of accidents at the spot and other information will be uploaded, through which digital data will be collected. At the same time, time will be saved in viewing the data. Information about these points will be uploaded in the app

The day, date, time of accident, location of lights at the time of incident, death or injury in accident, loss in accident, number of vehicles damaged, cause of accident, information of drivers, location around accident site, number of vehicles Status, over speed-over, validity of driving license, road condition and other information will be uploaded. Along with recording the details, the policemen will also be able to send information to the hospital through the mobile app, so that the injured can get timely treatment.

The ASP said that with the help of Integrated Road Accident Database (IRAD) app, improvement in road infrastructure will also be done from the concerned department. With the help of the app, accident prone areas can be easily identified. click here By doing iRAD APP DOWNLOAD.






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