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Important Information about Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah Historical Personality.  Muhammad Kuli Qutubshah Important GK Fact in Hindi - GK in Hindi |  MP GK |  GK Quiz|  MPPSC |  CTET |  online gk

Muhammad Quli Qutubshah Essential details about historic character

Quli Qutubshah ( 1518–1543 E.) was a Turk chieftain, Who established the Qutubshahi dynasty in Golconda. He was succeeded by Sultan Muhammad Shah III of the Bahmani dynasty.1463–1482) was the servant of, However resulting from his understanding and devotion to his lord, he quickly attained a excessive place. 90 On the age of 1, Quli Qutubshah was murdered by his son Jamshed Qutubshah and took over the throne.

Quli Qutubshah ( 1518–1543 E.) key info

  • Quli Qutubshah had change into a particular favor of Sultan Muhammad Shah III’s Vizier Muhammad Gawan.
  • Because of his kindness, he was promoted and appointed because the governor of the jap a part of Bahmani kingdom ie Golconda.
  • 1481 Quli Qutubshah severed ties with the court docket of Bidar when his patron Muhammad Gawan was killed in AD. in later days he 1518 In AD, he declared himself the impartial ruler of Golconda.
  • Quli Qutb Shah as a ruler 1543 Dominated until AD.
  • when his situation 90 was outdated, His son Jamshed killed him and took over the throne.
  • The rulers of the Qutb Shahi dynasty occupied Golconda. 1687 Dominated until AD.
  • 1687 In AD, the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb conquered Golconda and merged it into the Mughal Empire.


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