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FIR Against IHM BHOPAL's HOD Modi, Bad Intention On Assistant Lecturer » @harshitj183's Blog
FIR against IHM BHOPAL's HOD Modi, bad intention on assistant lecturer

FIR against IHM BHOPAL’s HOD Modi, bad intention on assistant lecturer

FIR against IHM BHOPALs HOD Modi bad intention on assistant

Bhopal. A case has been registered against Pradeep Kumar Modi, HOD of IHM College located in the capital Bhopal. College’s assistant lecturer has complained against HOD Modi for holding hand and pallu of saree with bad intentions. And there is also an allegation of spoiling the probation period and threatening not to be permanent in the job.

Habibganj police station in-charge Manish Raj Singh Bhadauria said that after the FIR, the HOD took surety bail from the police station itself. Now the challan diary will be presented in the court. I am 27. I live in Rohit Nagar area. Presently I am Assistant Lecturer in IHM College. The HOD of the college Pradeep Kumar Modi has been troubling me for a long time. It is about the first week of February 2020. Pradeep Kumar Modi used indecency by holding my arm. Me and Modi sir were standing in the college corridor at that time. He was talking to me. Children were coming out of the corridor. Meanwhile, Modi sir grabbed my arm with a bad intention and pushed me to the side. Which I didn’t like at all.

After some time again Modi sir used indecency by holding my arm with bad intentions. Then I opposed it. I told them you didn’t do it right. Talk without touching. When I inquired indirectly from other people of the institute, I came to know that Modi sir does such indecency with everyone. No one speaks against him. Because everyone has to work under him only. When they came to know that I tried to get such information. One day he called me to the office. When I went there, Modi sir said what did you tell the staff about me? You know that your annual performance report is in my hand. I will not even let your probation period complete. Nor will I allow you to be permanent in the job. After that the lockdown took place. Had to go to college less.

I did not come face to face with Modi sir for a long time. Then the colleges opened. Used to go to college in 2-3 days. One day she was going for the monitoring duty of the online class. On June 14, 2022 at 9:30 pm Modi sir met outside the admin office. I had laptop, charger, water bottle and mobile in both hands. Meanwhile, Modi sir touched me inappropriately and started pulling me by the pallu of my saree. I feel weird. Rubbing it with both his hands, he asked from where did you get it. Meanwhile, on October 9, 2022, the college staff told me that Modi sir has said that I will play his band. He will have to leave the job.

The female lecturer told the police that she lives alone in the house. Accused Modi spreads rumors among the college staff with the intention of defaming him. Modi has intended to defame me. I am mentally broken due to his antics. TI Manish Raj Singh Bhadauria told that an FIR has been lodged against Modi on 26 November.







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