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Vital Details about Tailapa II Historic Character | Tailap 2 Vital GK Reality in Hindi – GK in Hindi | MP GK | GK Quiz| MPPSC | CTET | on-line gk

Important Information about Tailapa II Historical Personality |  Tailap 2 Important GK Fact in Hindi - GK in Hindi |  MP GK |  GK Quiz|  MPPSC |  CTET |  online gk
Important Information about Tailapa II Historical Personality |  Tailap 2 Important GK Fact in Hindi

Vital Details about Tailapa II Historic Character

Unbiased political historical past of the Chalukyas of Kalyani Taila or Tailapa II (973-997 E.) begins from the time. Earlier than that we have now Kirtivarma III, oil first, Vikramaditya III, Bhimraj, The names of Ayyan I and Vikramaditya IV are discovered. In these respectively Tailap first, Not a lot data has been acquired about Ayyan I and Vikramaditya IV. All these had been feudatories of the Rashtrakutas. The Nilgund inscription means that Ayyan had defeated the Rashtrakuta king Krishna II. By marrying a lady, he had acquired quite a lot of wealth in dowry. His (Ayyan’s) son Vikramaditya IV was married to Bonthadevi, the daughter of Kalchuri king Laxmansen. From this, Tailap II was born. Neelkanth Shastri is of the view that each one these rulers dominated in Bijapur and its neighboring areas., Which was close to the unique capital of this dynasty.

Tailap II Key Information (Tailap Second GK in Hindi)

  • Tailap II was born to Vikramaditya IV and Bontha Devi. Earlier he was ruling in Bijapur beneath the Rashtrakuta ruler Krishna III. Slowly he began increasing his energy.
  • In the course of the reign of Khotig and Kark II, the successors of Krishna III, the place of the Rashtrakuta dynasty turned extraordinarily weak. Bold Tailap took benefit of this.
  • 973-74 In AD he attacked Manyakhet, the capital of the Rashtrakutas. Kark was killed within the battle and Tailap turned the ruler of the Rashtrakuta kingdom.
  • seek advice from his success Kharepatan is discovered within the inscription.
  • After this, Tailap killed Bhutigdev. Awarded the title of Ahavamalla.
  • Within the Banavasi space, first Kannap after which his brother Sobhan Ras accepted the subordination of Tailap.
  • The rattas of Sandatti in Belgaum district additionally got here beneath his management. He conquered the southern Konkan area. Shilahar dynasty dominated right here.
  • Tailap took Avasar III or his son Ratta of southern Konkan beneath his management. Bhillam II, the Yadav dynasty ruler of Seun additionally accepted the sovereignty of Tailap.
  • On this means, Tailap established his authority over all different elements besides Gujarat., Which had been earlier owned by the Rashtrakutas.
  • to take over the Rashtrakuta territories Later Tailap fought with the Cholas and the Paramaras. did.
  • The Cholas had an outdated enmity with the Rashtrakutas. Tailap had additionally fought towards the Cholas as a feudatory. Subsequently, after being an impartial king, he turned a pure enemy of the Cholas.
  • 980 Round AD he dominated the Chola Defeated Uttam Chola.
  • kogli article, Which is situated in Bellary district Is, exhibits that Ahavamalla After defeating the Chola king within the battle, 150 Elephants had been taken away.
  • After the Cholas, Tailap had a battle with the Parmar dynasty of Malwa. His up to date was Munj, the ruler of the Parmar dynasty. The point out of this wrestle is present in literature and articles. It’s recognized from Merutung Krit Prabandha Chintamani that Tailap attacked Munj six occasions.
  • Thus Tailapa is a good mighty was the ruler. This restored the status of the Chalukya dynasty.
  • Tailapa was additionally the patron of nice students., He contributed to the development of Kannada language. A number of cooperation was additionally given.


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