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Gmail Cleaning Shortcuts, How To Delete Unnecessary Files From Storage » @harshitj183's Blog
Gmail cleaning shortcuts, how to delete unnecessary files from storage

Gmail cleaning shortcuts, how to delete unnecessary files from storage

Gmail cleaning shortcuts how to delete unnecessary files from storage

Google’s email service known as Gmail has become an essential feature for millions of people in India. Each user is given 15GB of storage free by Google. This is enough for a common user, but if you are a professional and exchange photos and videos on e-mail, then 15GB of storage will be very less for you. In such a situation, it is important that you keep cleaning your Gmail, but the biggest question is that what are its shortcuts.

Shortcut to Delete Files from Gmail (Google Drive)

There are three ways you can free up storage in your Google Account. Delete files, mail, and Google Photos by size in Google Drive.

Delete files according to size in Google Drive

– First go here on PC or Desktop – https://drive.google.com/#quota

– Login your Gmail account.

After this you will see the files according to the size.

You can delete the files which you do not need.

Delete Big Files in Gmail

First login to Google account.

– Search it by going to the search bar of Gmail, #attachment larger:10M

– After this the mail which will be more than 10mb will appear in front of you.

Delete the mail which is not needed.

After this select Tresh and delete all. Now go to the spam folder and delete all the emails there.


– Go to this link from your desktop- https://photos.google.com/settings?pli=1

– Login to Google Account

– Change the upload quality from Original to High

After this Google will ask you to recover your storage which will convert the already uploaded file in high quality. With this you will get the facility of storage and your storage will remain empty.






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