What Prime Minister Narendra Modi said about Indore, read carefully- MP NEWS

What Prime Minister Narendra Modi said about Indore, read carefully- MP NEWS
What Prime Minister Narendra Modi said about Indore read carefully

Indore, Four words of the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, can fill new energy in the city of Indore and give the power to create history in the citizens of Indore. The Prime Minister said that Indore is not a city but a period.

Indore moves ahead of time: Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, people say that Indore is a city but I say that Indore is a round. This is the era that goes ahead of time, yet keeps the heritage alive. Indore has established a different identity in the field of cleanliness.

NRIs from all over the world came to see Narendra Modi

Another important event was witnessed at the Indore Pravasi Bhartiya Sammelan. Many people did not get admission in the hall. Those people got very angry. Many of them said that they had not come just to invest but to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi with their own eyes. Had we seen them, we would have also invested but are now going back. For similar information and news please click here Follow us on Google News by click here Do subscribe our telegram channel. Because something special also happens on the Telegram channel of Bhopal News.


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