Important Tips, Tricks and Self Study Plan, Best Time Table to Top 12th Class

Important Tips, Tricks and Self Study Plan, Best Time Table to Top 12th Class
Important Tips Tricks and Self Study Plan Best Time Table

12th class is very important for deciding the career of any students. There are 12 class boards. Because of this, there is a lot of pressure on the children and parents. So, considering the importance of 12th class, it is necessary that we should plan from now itself so that there is no pressure during the exam days.

Do this work to score well in class 12

Children of any stream, be it PCM or PCB, commerce or humanities, all of them have some common subjects. Like- Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Computer etc. But most of the children do not pay any attention to all these because of their main subjects. While these are also very scoring. That’s why it is necessary that equal attention should be given to all the subjects in order to score well in class 12.

If you want to score high in 12th merit list then study pattern should be like this

1. Whenever you make your time table, give half an hour to these subjects as well.

(whichever you choose)

2. If you want, you can also take the help of any of your elders in these subjects, because most of the parents know Hindi, English, Sanskrit.

3. Now parents should also keep at least one hour free for their children till the exam.

4. Try to keep taking updates from the children daily regarding their studies.

5. Let your child study according to his capacity and not that of others.

6. Kept telling some basic things of subjects like Hindi, English, Sanskrit to the children in a joking manner. Due to which those things will prove very helpful to them at the time of exam.

7. Keep the atmosphere of the house stress free, no matter how much tension there is. Try to provide study friendly environment to the children.

8. As your child likes to study, whether he studies late night or early morning, let him study, but at least one month before the exam, take full care of his food, drink and sleep.

9. Try to avoid going to any family function at the time of children’s exams.

10. If possible, avoid the arrival of any guest at your home. Because your child will not be given 12th class exam again and again.


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