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Corona cases increasing continuously, schools and colleges closed across the country from today

Corona cases increasing continuously, schools and colleges closed across the country from today
Corona cases increasing continuously schools and colleges closed across the

The cases of new variants of Corona are increasing gradually all over India. On the other hand, in other countries, the new variant of Corona is seen becoming uncontrollable. Due to the increasing cases of corona in India, the concern of the people is increasing. In view of the rising corona cases, the news of lockdown is also coming to the fore. On the other hand, a news is getting viral very fast on social media, in which it is being claimed that due to Corona, orders have been issued to keep schools and colleges closed in the country. When we analyzed this news after it came to the fore, we found a different truth. So let’s know what is the whole truth of this news…

Schools are closed in many states till January 14

Holiday has been declared in schools in many states of India. Let us tell you that in many states including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Bihar, orders have been issued to keep schools closed from December 31 to January 14. However, these holidays are not applicable in many districts of these states. While in many districts schools are closed till class XII, while in many districts schools have been closed till class VIII. Till further orders, all these schools will remain closed till January 14.

No holidays due to corona

In many states including Uttar Pradesh, orders have been issued to keep schools closed till January 14. After which this news was becoming very viral on all the websites including social media, that schools and colleges have been closed due to increasing corona cases in India. However, when we analyzed this news, we found that the reason for the closure of schools in many states including Uttar Pradesh is the increasing cold. No holiday has been announced due to Corona. Thus in our analysis this news proved to be a complete hoax.

There was no announcement of lockdown

It is also being claimed in the viral news that lockdown has been announced in many states of India. However, no such announcement has been issued officially. On the other hand, according to the health department, the situation of corona in India is still under control. At present, it is not possible to create a situation like lockdown in India. Along with this, the Health Department has also appealed to everyone to follow the Corona rules.

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