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Names Of Greens In Sanskrit | Greens Identify In Sanskrit » @harshitj183's Blog
names of vegetables in sanskrit |  Vegetables Name In Sanskrit

names of greens in sanskrit | Greens Identify In Sanskrit

names of greens in sanskrit We’ll see the checklist intimately on this article. Nearly everybody is aware of the names of greens in Hindi and English. But when the identify of any vegetable is requested in Sanskrit, hardly anybody will have the ability to inform. As a result of we have now all the time been informed and taught the names of greens in colleges in Hindi and English solely and that is the explanation that in at the moment’s time, if anybody is requested the identify of a single vegetable in Sanskrit, he will be unable to inform.

However for those who learn this text until the top, you’ll come throughout greater than 70 names of greens in sanskrit Will know As a result of on this article 75 The names of greens in Sanskrit have been shared. If you’re amongst these people who find themselves fascinated by Sanskrit language or who take pleasure in studying new Sanskrit phrases, then you’ll positively like this text. As a result of given on this article names of greens in sanskrit With the assistance of this app, you may study new Sanskrit phrases and on the similar time enhance your Sanskrit vocabulary.

Let me inform you that shared right here names of greens in sanskrit Can show to be very helpful for all these college students who’re finding out in small lessons and in whose colleges Sanskrit is taught. It’s because to enhance the Sanskrit vocabulary of the scholars of small lessons, they’re given as homework. 10 vegetable names in sanskrit come on 20 greens identify in sanskrit You’re informed to come back after writing and remembering. In such a state of affairs, if you’re additionally amongst these college students, who have gotten such a homework, then you may observe the directions given on this article. names of greens in sanskrit and hindi With the assistance of you may full your homework very simply. come on everybody sanskrit names of greens Allow us to see the checklist intimately.

(1). Tomato

(2). Potato

(3). Onion — Palandu:

(4). Karela (Bitter Gourd) — Karbellam

(5). Brinjal — Vrintakam

(6). Peas—wrist:

(7). मिर्च (चिल्ली):

(8). Cabbage — Kembukam

(9). Cauliflower – a flowering vegetable

(10). Lump Cabbage (Kale) — one tuber

(11). Asparagus (Shatavari) — high-quality leaves

(12). bride (slave) — architect

(13). Garlic (Garlic)

(14). Broccoli — Kapishakam

(15). Chickpea

(16). Jackfruit — Panasam

(17). टिंदा (Tinda) — Tindish:

(18). Large Pepper — Katuvira

(19). मूली (radish) — radish

(20). Coriander – one grain

(21). सोआ (dill) — Vajrapushpa

(22). inexperienced onions – inexperienced onions

(23). Spinach

(24). Pumpkin (Pumpkin) — Alabu

(25). Ridge gourd — Koshatki

(26). Bhindi (Woman finger) — Ramkoshatki

(27). Parwal (Pointed gourd) — Patol:

(28). Mushroom — Chhatra, Palghna

(29). खीरा (Cucumber):

(30). भिंडी (Ladyfinger) — Okra:

(31). Ginger (Ginger)

(32). Pudina (Peppermint) — Caraway:

(33). Cinnamon (Cinnamon)

(34). Paper Lemon

(35). शिम्ला मिर्च (capsicum) — massive black pepper

(36). कुंड्रु—कुंड्रु:

(37). Nenua (Candy Gourd) — Jalini

(38). केसर (सफ्रोन)

(39). Lauki (Bottle Gourd) — Kushmand:

(40). पोई (पोई) — boat

(41). canine mushroom—umbrella

(42). Carrot — Garlic

(43). Cucumber

(44). Fenugreek — Fenugreek:

(45). चुकण्डर (Beet):

(46). शलगम (Tumip) — Shikhamoolam

(47). सहजन (Seepage):

(48). Legumes — Shimbika:

(49). ओला (Hailstone) — सूरणः

(50). Beans — Shimbi

(51). Turmeric — Haridra

(52). Singhada (Water Chestnut)

(53). सोआ (Dill) — thunderbolt

(54). शल्जम—crest root, white tuber

(55). Beetroot — mattress vegetable

(56). कारौंडा (Karounda) — Amalaki

(57). साग—greens

(58). Mustard

(59). Bakla (Bakla)

(60). Lentil — Lentils:

(61). चंद्रसूर—अशालिका

(62). मक्का (Maize) — columnar

(63). Jimikand (Jimi Potato) — Shuran:

(64). आजमोदा (Aajmoda)

(65). कांदु (कांदु) — Kachu

(66). महुआ (महुआ) — honey

(67). Guar pods — Bakuchi

(68). कुदा—deer-eye

(69). Semal — Shalmali

(70). पेथा (petha) — massive fruit

(71). Curry leaf — Kalshak:

(72). Uncooked banana

(73). Uncooked Papaya

(74). Pink Cabbage — blood herb

(75). Black Carrots — Krishna Grinjanam

names of greens in sanskrit pdf

Right here we have now additionally shared the PDF file of Sanskrit identify of all greens, which you’ll obtain very simply. And with the assistance of this PDF file you may learn Greens Identify in Sanskrit anytime. names of greens in sanskrit pdf To obtain, you click on on the button given beneath, and obtain pdf simply.

Study Sanskrit names of greens by way of video

FAQ:- Some questions associated to the identify of greens in Sanskrit

Query — 10 vegetable names in Sanskrit?

Reply — Following are the names of 10 greens in Sanskrit-

1). Potato — आलुकम

2). Peas—wrist:

3). Onion — Palandu:

4). करेला—करबेल्लम्

5). Brinjal — Vrintakam

6). मिर्च—मरिचिका:

7). Cabbage — Kembukam

8). Cauliflower – a flowering vegetable

9). Garlic — लशुनम्

10). Jackfruit — Panasam

Query — What’s the identify of the vegetable in Sanskrit?

Reply — The Sanskrit identify of vegetable is Tarkari.

Query — What’s the Sanskrit identify of ladyfinger?

Reply — Bhindi is named Ramkoshataki in Sanskrit.

Query — What’s carrot known as in Sanskrit?

Reply — Carrot is named Grinjanakam in Sanskrit.

Query — What’s tomato known as in Sanskrit?

Reply — Tomato is named Raktaphalam in Sanskrit.

Query — What’s gourd known as in Sanskrit?

Reply — Bottle gourd is named Kushmanda in Sanskrit.


Right here on this article we have now shared with you names of greens in sanskrit Shared the checklist intimately. College students fascinated by Sanskrit language will need to have preferred this text. With the assistance of Sanskrit identify of all of the greens shared on this article, you may enhance your Sanskrit vocabulary. given right here sanskrit names of greens How did you prefer it, it’s essential to share your opinion with us by way of the remark. We hope that it’s essential to have preferred this text and we hope that with the assistance of this text tips on how to write names of greens in sanskrit, You should have understood very nicely. You probably have any query relating to this text, then you may ask by commenting beneath. And in addition it’s essential to share this text together with your pricey associates.

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