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Necessary Details about Chandragupta Maurya Historic Character (322–298 BCE)

Chandragupta Maurya, He was the primary king and founding father of the Maurya dynasty. His mom’s title was Moor, which implies Maurya in Sanskrit, therefore the title of this dynasty was Maurya dynasty. Many students have expressed completely different views relating to the origin of Chandragupta Maurya. Justin and the Greek students ,sandrocottus, Talked about him by title. William Jones was the primary scholar who proved that ,sandrocottus, Chandragupta Maurya was the identical.

Necessary Information About Chandragupta Maurya Historic Character

  • ,Chandra Gupta, point out of the title of Rudradaman Present in Junagadh inscription.
  • Seleucus despatched his messenger Megasthenes Despatched to the court docket of Chandragupta Maurya. it has indica Wrote a e-book named
  • The foreign money of the time of Chandragupta Maurya Panchmark or struck cash.
  • In keeping with students, Chandragupta Maurya solely 25 He was of the yr when he defeated King Dhana Nanda of Nanda and captured Pataliputra.
  • First it unfold its powers to India Established within the Gangetic plains and later he moved in direction of the western north.
  • Chandragupta quickly conquered all the province of Punjab.
  • Greeks of Seleucus Nicator Alexander officer within the farthest north someBought maintain of the bottom.
  • Due to this fact, Chandragupta Maurya needed to wage an extended conflict towards him and eventually 305 BC virtually beat him and A treaty was signed.
  • in response to this treaty, Seleucus Nicator assigned the areas past the Indus i.e. the Aria (coronary heart), Arcojia (Kandahar), Gedrosia (Baluchistan) and Paropnishe (Kabul) got to Maurya Empire And in return Chandragupta gave Seleucus 500 Gave elephants as a present.
  • Seleucus additionally gave his daughter to Maurya Rajkumar or it’s believed that Chandragupta married Seleucus’s daughter (a Greek Macedonian princess) to seal the alliance “Thus he gained management over the Indus province, a few of which half now fashionable Afghanistan, is in Later Chandragupta Maurya of Central India went to the north of the river Narmada captured the province.
  • other than this treaty, Seleucus despatched Magasthenes as a Greek ambassador to Chandragupta Maurya and Damkos within the meeting of Bindusara. Chandragupta adopted Jainism on the finish of his life and left the throne for his son Bindusara.
  • Chandragupta later, Savana went to Belagola close to Mysore with Jain saints underneath the management of Bhadrabahu and starved himself to dying (Santhara) in response to Jain customized.
  • In opposition to the enemies of Chandragupta Maurya Chanakya’s strikes in his drama Mudra is discovered within the raccoon. whose creation Visakhadutt did.
  • It’s recognized from the Girnar inscription of Rudradaman that Maurya took direct administration in his fingers by successful the territory as much as Saurashtra. Pushyagupta was the governor of Chandragupta on this area and Sudarshan lake was constructed right here.


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