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A flower whose fragrance makes a person faint, 2 drops can kill – GK Today

A flower whose fragrance makes a person faint, 2 drops can kill - GK Today
A flower whose fragrance makes a person faint 2 drops

A plant called Meetha Vish in Hindi, Vatsanabha in Sanskrit, Aconite in English and Aconitum ferox in Latin language is found at an altitude of about 10000 feet on the Himalayan Mountains. It is very attractive to look at, it is written that a person becomes unconscious just by the fragrance of its flower. Its two drops become the cause of death of any person.

a plant around which even grass does not grow

Himalaya Mountains, where Sanjeevani Booti is found. Where such medicines of Ayurveda are found which are not found anywhere in the whole world. At the same time some such poisonous plants are also found which are fatal for life. Aconite is one such plant. According to Ayurveda, this is also a medicine which is used to miraculously cure diseases like diabetes and especially paralysis, but it is used according to a certain method. There is also a definite method of obtaining and storing it, otherwise it is extremely dangerous. No other plant grows around this plant.

Dr. Naveen Joshi MD Ayurveda explains that if an animal eats its leaves, it dies immediately, while on the other hand, this plant attracts animals. On seeing this, the animals become eager to eat like this. This plant is found on the Himalayan Mountains near the Namik and Hiramani glaciers. Blue colored flowers bloom in this plant in the months of July and August.


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