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550 employees strike pen

550 employees strike pen

Prayagraj, Chief Correspondent. About 550 employees belonging to the Directorate of Education Ministerial Employees Union started a two-day strike from Thursday to protest against the proposal to transfer the Directorate of Higher Education from Prayagraj to Lucknow. Employees of Higher Education, Secondary Education and Basic Education, Correspondence Institute, Secondary Education Camp Office Parkroad, Basic Education Camp Office Nishatganj, SCERT, Textbook Literacy Urdu and Oriental Language Lucknow participated in the strike. The striking employees abstained from work related to High Court cases to IGRS.

550 employees strike pen

The employees took out a procession in the Directorate premises raising slogans and warned that their protest would continue till the process of transfer of Directorate of Higher Education was stopped. In the meeting chaired by Union President Jitendra Kumar, the employee leaders said that the transfer of Directorate of Higher Education is against the dignity of Prayagraj. Former minister Surendra Singh said that some officers sitting in the government selfishly try to move the office located in Prayagraj to Lucknow. Prior to this, in 2009, the Directorate of Higher Education, while in 2020, an attempt was made to transfer the Basic Education Council and the Office of Basic Education.

Former Vice President Anil Kumar and Shashikant Singh said that under a conspiracy, efforts are being made to transfer the Directorate of Higher Education to Lucknow. Joint Ministers Higher Education Amarnath, Sampurnanand Tripathi, Shiv Prakash Yadav, Vice President Deepak Kumar Srivastava and Suaib Siddiqui said that the Directorate of Higher Education will not be allowed to be transferred at any cost. Minister Pradeep Kumar Singh conducted the meeting.

MP Vinod Sonkar wrote a letter to the Chief Minister

Staff leaders of Directorate of Education met MP Vinod Sonkar on Thursday and requested to maintain Directorate of Higher Education in Prayagraj. On this, the MP wrote a letter to the Chief Minister and advocated to keep the Directorate of Higher Education established in Prayagraj itself.

University and degree college teachers came out in support

Pro. President of Rajendra Singh Rajju Bhaiyya University Teachers Association Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh supported the movement by being present at the meeting place on Thursday. General Secretary of Uttar Pradesh University College Teachers Federation, Prof. Pradeep Kumar Singh announced on Thursday that teachers of colleges will also protest against this order of the government.

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