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Vodafone Idea created a boom in 5G, now 5G has reached your home, as well as trouble

Vodafone Idea created a boom in 5G, now 5G has reached your home, as well as trouble
Vodafone Idea created a boom in 5G now 5G has

VI 5G LAUNCH: The way the 5G network has gained momentum in the country, now Vodafone-Idea has also jumped into it with the same speed. Vi (Vodafone – Idea) has a very good place in India’s telecom companies. Ever since Vodafone and Idea merged to form Vi (Vodafone – Idea), it has provided the best of the best recharges to its customers. Still Vi (Vodafone – Idea) has more than 25 crore customers. At the same time Vi (Vodafone – Idea) has now started 5G service as well. Currently, Vi has launched 5G network in only one city.

5G started from the capital Delhi (5G started from Delhi) –

Along with Jio and Airtel, now Vi (Vodafone – Idea) has also started its 5G network. Vi (Vodafone – Idea) has started its 5G network from the capital Delhi. Vi has started its 5G service in the capital Delhi. With this, Vii is soon going to gradually launch its 5G services across India. According to Vi, within the next 6 months, Vi would have spread its 5G services to a large extent in the country. By the way, one thing which is wonderful is that the services of Vodafone Idea will be cheaper than Airtel and Jio, it is being heard so far.

Vi is at number three after Jio and Airtel –

Vi (Vodafone – Idea) is also at its new level in the field of 5G network. Jio (JIO) and Airtel (AIRTEL) are on the first and second place in buying 5G spectrum. Jio (JIO) and Airtel (AIRTEL) were the first to buy 5G spectrum. Whereas Vi (Vodafone – Idea) is at the third position. That is, Vi (Vodafone – Idea) has bought 5G spectrum after Jio and Airtel.

More than 25 crore customers upset (25 crore more customers upset)

As soon as one of India’s largest companies Vi (Vodafone – Idea) launched 5G service, the news of Vi’s debt started surfacing rapidly. Along with this, when the news of Vi’s closure came soon, the customers of Vi (Vodafone – Idea) got upset. Although it is not yet clear whether Vi (Vodafone – Idea) will be closed or not, because if Vi (Vodafone – Idea) repays its debt then Vi (Vodafone – Idea) will not be closed. At the same time, its customers say that Vi (Vodafone – Idea) is a very good telecom company for us, it also gives more data than other companies. Along with this, Vi (Vodafone – Idea) gives data rollover and whole night free data to its customers.

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