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Sakat Chauth 2023 – Ganesh Chaturthi, Til Chaturthi Muhurta, Vidhi or Katha – Ganesh Chaturthi, Sakat Chaturthi, Til Chaturthi Puja Vidhi, Muhurta and Katha

Sakat Chauth 2023 - Ganesh Chaturthi, Til Chaturthi Muhurta, Vidhi or Katha - Ganesh Chaturthi, Sakat Chaturthi, Til Chaturthi Puja Vidhi, Muhurta and Katha
Sakat Chauth 2023 Ganesh Chaturthi Til Chaturthi Muhurta Vidhi

Sakat Chauth 2023Sakat Chauth’s fast will be observed this year on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. According to the Hindu calendar, the fasting of the Chaturthi of the Krishna Paksha of Magh month is called Sakat Chauth in the popular language. On Sakat Chauth, the moon will be observed in Poorva Phalguni Nakshatra and Siddhi Yoga. Apart from this, an auspicious yoga named Saubhagya has also been formed due to the auspicious yoga of the planets. Due to which the importance of Sakat Chauth has increased.

On the day of Sakat Chauth, mothers keep a fast for their children and their wishes for their happiness will be fruitful. On this day Sankat Haran Ganesha and Moon are worshipped, this fast is supposed to remove troubles and sorrows and fulfill all wishes and desires. On this day, women observe a waterless fast, Ganeshji is worshipped, and after listening to the story, the fast is broken only by offering ardhya to the moon.

Ganesh Chaturthi, Sakat Chaturthi, Til Chaturthi worship method

Lord Ganesha and Mother Parvati should be duly worshiped for the well-being and long life of the children. The fast should be started in the shade of the stars. The fasting person should worship in the temples without taking food and water for the whole day and should wish for the longevity of the children. After this, jaggery, sesame, sugarcane and radish should be used for the preparation of worship in the evening. This material holds special importance in the fast, at the time of moonrise in the late evening, the fasting person should pray to Lord Chandra Dev for the success of the fast by offering sesame seeds, jaggery etc.

Sakat Chauth is known by many names such as Ganesh Chauth, Sankashti Chauth, Sankashti Chaturthi, Lambodar Sankashti, Maghi Chauth and Tilkuta. Mothers keep the fast of Sakat Chauth while worshiping Lord Ganesha, wishing for the long life and good fortune of their children. It is believed that by observing the fast of Sakat Chauth, Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles that come upon the children. On Sakat Chauth, women break the fast by worshiping Lord Ganesha with rituals and offering prayers to the moon at the end.

According to Narada Purana, worshiping Lord Ganapati on this day increases happiness and good luck and gets rid of obstacles coming in the house and family, and stalled auspicious works are completed. On this date, Ganesha is also worshiped by the name of Bhalchandra. By seeing the moon in this Chaturthi, one gets the virtuous fruit of seeing Ganesha. On this day women fast and listen to stories for the longevity and success of their children.

moonrise time

Chaturthi Tithi of Krishna Paksha of Magh month begins – January 10, 2023 at 12:09 pm

Chaturthi date ends – January 11, 2023 at 02:31 pm

Moonrise – will be at 8.41 pm.

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga – from 07.15 am to 9.15 am

Ayushman Yoga – from 11.20 am to 12.02 am on January 11

Preeti Yoga – from sunrise to 11.20 am

Story of Ganesh Chaturthi, Sakat Chaturthi, Til Chaturthi

Many stories related to Sakat Chauth i.e. Sankashta Chaturthi are popular, in which the story of Ganesha circling his parents, the story of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati playing chaupar on the river bank, the story of a potter helping a woman’s child with pottery. Along with the story of burning in the fire is prominently included. Today let us tell you about a story of Ganesh ji related to Tilkut on Sakat Chauth.

Once upon a time. A moneylender lived with his wife in a city. Both of them did not do worship, recitation, charity etc. One day the moneylender went to her neighbor’s house. There she was worshiping. That day was Sakat Chauth. When the moneylender asked the neighbor about Sakat Chauth, he told that today is the fast of Sakat Chauth. Because of this, she is worshiping Ganesha. The moneylender wanted to know from him about the benefits of fasting Sakat Chauth. So the neighbor said that by the grace of Ganesha, a person gets a son, wealth-grains, honey, everything. On this, the moneylender said that if she becomes a mother, she will do tilkut and observe Sakat Chauth fast. Ganesh ji fulfilled his wish. She became pregnant. Now the craving for moneylender has increased. She said that if she has a son, she will do two and a half ser tilkut. By the grace of Ganesha, he had a son. Then she said that if her son gets married, she will do tilkut for five and a quarter sers.

With the blessings of Ganesha, his son’s marriage was also fixed, but the moneylender never kept a strict fast nor did Tilkut. Ganesh ji thought of teaching him a lesson on this behavior of the moneylender. When his son was getting married, Ganesha made him sit on the Peepal tree with his illusion. Now everyone started searching for the groom. The marriage did not take place due to non-availability of a groom.

One day the daughter-in-law of the moneylender had gone to the forest to bring Durva with her friends. At the same time, the moneylender’s son sitting on the Peepal tree called out ‘O my half-marriage’. Hearing this, all the girls got scared and came running home. That girl told the whole incident to her mother. Then they all reached him near the tree. The girl’s mother saw that her future son-in-law was sitting on her.

When he asked the reason for sitting here, he told his mother’s mistake. He had promised to do tilkut and keep fast but did not fulfill it. Sakat Dev is angry. He has made him sit at this place. Hearing this, the girl’s mother went to the moneylender and told him the whole thing. Then he realized his mistake. Then he said that O Sakat Maharaj! When her son comes home, she will do tilkut of two and a half hearts. Ganesh ji gave him one more chance, the boy came home and his marriage was completed. After that the moneylender made tilkut of two and a half hearts and kept a strict fast. He said that O Sakat Dev! I have understood your glory, only by your grace his child is safe. Now I will always do Tilkut and observe Sakat Chauth fast. After this, the fast of Sakat Chauth and Tilkut started being celebrated in that city with pomp.

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