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Example and definition of Harigitika verses

Instance and definition of Harigitika verses

Instance and definition of Hargitika verses

Example and definition of Harigitika verses

Manu, wherever I’m created, I’m simply stunning.

Karuna Nidhan Sujan Seelu Sanehu Janat Ravro ॥

Listening to Gauri’s blessings like this, Ali was happy with Shiva.

I worshiped Tulsi Devi and went to the temple with a contented coronary heart.

Thousands and thousands of individuals in India bear in mind this verse of Shri Ramrakshastroth in Shriramcharitmanas, however not everybody is aware of that it’s the finest instance of Harigeetika.

Definition of Harigitika

It’s an isometric verse, Harigitika, of 4 stanzas. It has 28 matras in every stage and on the finish there’s Laghu (.) and Guru (ऽ) and there’s Yati on 16 and 12 matras. That’s, on the finish of every stage, a small and a big amount comes in the long run.

Chhand can also be known as Pingal. Verse is a crucial a part of poetic magnificence. There’s a particular association of matras and varnas in verses and a plan of musical rhythm and pace. The primary description of verses comes from Rigveda. Simply as grammar is a crucial a part of prose. Equally, rhyme is a crucial a part of the verse.

The specialty of the phrase Harigitika

Harigitika is the title of the verse, however its specialty is that whether it is written 4 consecutively, it additionally has 28 matras.

Harigeetika-॥ॽ.ཽ + Harigeetika-॥ཽ.ཽ

come on

Harigitika-॥ॽ.ॽ X 4 = 28

(7) X 4 = 28

.- small or quick

– massive or lengthy

In writing Harigitika as soon as, there will probably be 7 matras and in writing Harigitika 4 instances, there will probably be a complete of 28 matras.

that means of harigeetika in easy hindi

It is simply that in case you are writing an epic, it has to have verses. In any other case it may be written however there will probably be downside in singing. Folks will get bored and go away your epic halfway. From Shri Ramcharitmanas you can’t solely be taught the beliefs of Lord Shri Ram but in addition be taught that an epic retains crores of individuals within the bliss of devotion to Shri Ram for 1000’s of years. Simply assume, how shocking it’s that after Goswami Tulsidas ji and even earlier than him, lakhs of individuals have written description of the story of Shri Ram which isn’t present in another ebook.

3 important examples of Harigitika

Could my motherland India at all times be filled with wealth and grains

Nobody ought to stay bare or hungry and youngsters of happiness ought to improve on this world.

They are going to be clever, virtuous and benevolent human beings,

Anybody who does fallacious shouldn’t be a gambler of dangerous deeds.


Sri Ramachandra, the merciful devotee, destroy the dreadful concern of being.

Navkanj Lochan Kanj Mukh Kar, Kanj Pad Kanjarunam ॥

Kandarpa Aganita Amit Chhavi Nav, Neel Neeraj Sundaram.

Patpit Manhu Tadita Ruchi Shuchi, Naumi Janak Sutavaram ॥


God’s lap whose glory, Hari Maan is giving.

Gopal is sitting in a contemporary chariot, however there’s respect together with it.

Murli Adhar Dhar Shyam Sundar, when he taunts.

Listening to the candy tune within the spirit, Raskhan is flowing ॥

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